About Us

Copper Culture is what happens when an entrepreneur marries a humanitarian.

We’re an average couple with an altruistic endeavour to lead you to the ancient fountain of wellbeing and healing, if you dare to sip! 

Copper Culture was born where all good entrepreneurial ideas are born – Whatsapp! We were parched millennials who had turned to our cultural tradition to find a quencher for our lethargic bodies! We were surprised when the recommended copper concoction that we had incorporated into our lifestyle had us feeling like revitalised Gen Z’s. It only seemed pertinent to humanitarian to share this medicinal wisdom from our age-old culture with the world and important for entrepreneur to make it happen! 

Our vision at Copper Culture extends from the desire to convey the medicinal qualities of the ancient Vedic tradition through an environmentally sustainable product, our hand-crafted and ethically sourced copper bottles. We would love to empower you with the power to make an important choice about your health and your world. We are passionate about the design process and our meticulous eye for detail ensures that our copper bottles are the perfect hydration companion for your journey to a life filled with the revitalising, purifying and healing benefits of copper. 

Our copper bottles begin their journey in the heart of India, where your purchase ensures our skilled artisans earn their livelihood through the production of these bottles that are moulded to perfection. Each copper bottle captures the sentiment of celebrating the unique beauty of individualism. The best news is that a well-loved copper bottle has a healthy life span – this alloy does practise what it preaches, consistency and care for your bottle will ensure you have a companion in hydration for years to come! These copper bottles are an investment for life and can last for up to 50 years ensuring minimal impact on our precious planet, a great choice to make to say thanks to nature for sharing with us it’s longevity potion. 

Your purchase contributes to the three spheres of a fulfilled life, your karmic support of a local industry in a third world country, an environmentally conscious choice to minimise your impact on mother nature and most importantly pledging your commitment to ensuring a harmonious existence between your mind, body and soul. 

Our Mantra – To leave our world a better place for having walked this path and to leave our fellow humans better for having crossed their path. 

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