Copper Care

Your new friend in hydration can last you a life-time with a little TLC. Here are some useful tips. 

  • To ensure the longevity of your bottle remember to wash it frequently with room temperature to warm water. Remember that copper is naturally antibacterial, our bottles therefore contain natural self-sterilising properties and do not require any chemical assistance to be cleaned. 
  • A drop or two of vinegar along with room temperature to warm water can be used to rinse the bottle. 
  • If you really need to scrub, lemon and salt make a formidable combination to restore its shine. Cut a lime in half and sprinkle salt on the fruit’s cut side, rub the cut side with the salt gently over the copper, rinse and dry. 


  • Your bottle is all about the simple things in life, it is not microwave or dishwasher safe. 
  • Do not use boiling water to wash or fill your bottle. 
  • Room temperature to cool water is the best solution to fill your bottle. 
  • Copper has a lot of character, it is natural for it to grow in character with use, you can expect to see some tarnishes appear over time. Caring for your bottle properly and frequently can mitigate its ageing process. 
  • The water stored in your copper bottle is already infused with the best health benefits, do not add any other solutions or fruit peels to the water in your bottle. 

Health Tip: To experience the vitality of copper water, store your water at room temperature in your copper bottle overnight and drink a glass full of this elixir on an empty stomach in the morning.